How to decide on the right carer for you

16 Jul 2021

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Arranging live-in care is a personal and intimate process. We at Edyn understand that having a carer in your own property is a big move which is why our care management team works incredibly hard to make sure your chosen main carer is the right person for you. This quick blog outlines how to go about deciding on the right carer for you, both things to consider, and our process of arranging a carer to start.

Carer Matching

After a comprehensive care assessment with one of our care managers, we will have discussed what you are looking for from a carer, as well as preferences for example gender, or ability to drive. This is then taken into account before sharing suitable, well-matched professional carers profiles, along with a number of other factors, including:

Training & Experience – is the carer adequately skilled and able to meet your needs?

Interests – does the carer have shared interests with you?

Location – how local is the carer to you, what would their travel arrangements be?

Professional Carer Profiles

Our Carer profiles will be shared via our online portal. Profiles contain a vast amount of information including a biography, location, languages, care experience & training level as well as a breakdown of the support they have provided in the past. This provides you a really good overview, however before you make a decision we can also organise introductions.

Carer Introductions

After sending over carer profiles, if it’s helpful in your decision we can then set up introductory calls with potential carers. These can be over the phone or via a video call, which can prove incredibly helpful in getting to know a carer more personally and deciding if they will be a fit. There is no obligation until you have found the main carer that you are happy with and you have decided when you want the care to start.

Your Care Team

As part of the service and as carers will need a break, we will put together a team of two carers, both ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ carers. You will get to know these two carers incredibly well and they will work on a rotation ensuring you have as much consistency as possible on an ongoing basis. All our clients also have a dedicated family care coordinator who acts as the go-to person on a day-to-day basis for questions, updates, and care plan management.

Primary and secondary carers will often work on a rotation of 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off, however, this is often flexible with a bit of discussion between our carers and clients. You can find out more about our approach here.

What happens if we don’t get on with the carer?

Our sole aim and reason for setting up introductory calls are to try and ensure we provide the best-matched carer and someone you would get on with well. Of course, there may be occasions where things may not work out as planned. If you decide things are not working out, our care management team is committed to helping to arrange to replace your carer as soon as possible.

Whether you have care in place at the moment or are looking to organise care for the first time, our expert care management team are here to help.

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