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Providing exceptional care for the people of the West of England

Recognised by industry leaders and academics as one of the leading providers of live-in care in the West of England and throughout England, Edyn has enabled hundreds of seniors to continue living the life they wish in their own home - happily and safely.

If you’re concerned that your loved one is struggling to cope independently with day-to-day life in the the West of England area, then you’re probably considering your care options. Live-in care has become an increasingly popular option both in the West of England and throughout the UK. This highly personalised, one-to-one type of care is changing how we’re looking after our elderly and we’re leading the way.

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Dependable carers across the West of England

Dependable carers

We have compassionate, positive and personable carers available immediately. You have the same care team trained and supported to stay COVID-safe.

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What can I expect from live-in care in the West of England

We offer specialist support for conditions including:

Live-in care enables your loved one to remain in the comfort of their own home, even when they have quite complex care needs.

The beauty is that your loved one does not need to downsize and give up possessions that have built up over a lifetime, give up a well-tended garden or loose contact with their local community. A professional live-in care, trained by our care management team, moves into your relatives home to provide the support they need around the clock.

Our highly personalised service is delivered by professionals carers who have been chosen for their mutual compatibility with the person they care for. We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients, so we can ensure the care they receive is tailored to their way of life.

Some of our clients choose live-in care for a elderly relative who requires help with day-to-day tasks such as washing, making meals, medication, whilst others opt for 24 hour care for a more intense level of care, such as dementia care.

We help your loved ones remain a part of the local community

What our customers say:

What makes Edyn stand out from other agencies we have used for live-in care is the fact that they care - the human touch is there.

Sarah M.

Julie M.

Meet our local the West of England team

Why live-in care in the West of England is now the go-to option instead of residential care

Avoid the potential stress of relocation

We can understand if you're starting your care journey you might have been searching around every care home in the West of England. It’s a long and arduous process - we can sympathise, we’ve been there! We all want what is best for our family members and navigating can be hard.

Maintain control over your routine

Live-in care enables a fulfilling lifestyle that your loved one can control. They can keep doing the things they love, whether it’s a hobby, an activity in their own community or something as simple as having a friendly chat with an old neighbor. Maintaining this familiarity is so powerful.

Peace of mind for family and friends

A live-in care arrangement also benefits friends and family who have the peace of mind that a professional carer is always at hand to provide a level of care and assistance that is entirely commensurate with the needs of the individual.

Personalise to you

The beauty of our service is that it can be as flexible or structured as you like. We tailor it to your requests. Compared to a care home where things are very regimented they can eat the meal they want, when they want. Our professional carers can cook up a masterful sunday roast, a best of british steak or something highly nutritious. Our carefully matched carers get to know your loved one’s like they were a family member. Building relationship with client over time

Getting Mum out of a care home was made so much easier by the Edyn team. They worked closely with the home to make it as smooth as possible and now Mum is back in her home in far better spirits. I couldn’t be happier


Daughter of a client

Live-in care guide

Find out more about how live-in care might be suitable for your and your family with our helpful guide.